Father's Day Activities

I Love Dad Game

The I Love Dad game brings the family together for a word game that challenges players and makes Father's Day special for dad.

What You'll Need:

Dictionary (optional)

Here's a game that's also like a show -- just for Dad.

Gather your family members together. Dad will be the audience. The first player says, "I love Dad with an A because he is so Athletic" (or whatever nice thing you want to say about Dad that starts with A.)

The next player repeats what the first player says and then says, "I love Dad with a B because he is so Brave" (or another word that starts with a B.)

Players keep repeating what has already been said and adding to it until they have gone all the way to Z. (When you get to the letter X, you can cheat a little and say something like "because he is so X-tra great.")

You might want to have a dictionary handy, just in case. This will surely be one of the best shows Dad has ever seen.

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