Father's Day Activities

Best Dad Badge

Make a special pin for your dad's favorite shirt.
Make a special pin for your dad's favorite shirt.

Give your Dad a special award on Father's Day. Everyone will know how much you love your father when he wears his Best Dad Badge.

What You'll Need:

Dried alphabet macaroni

Stiff cardboard






Large safety pin


Alphabet noodles are fun to eat, and they are also great three-dimensional letters to write things with.

You can use them to write "Best Dad" or other messages on these easy-to-make Father's Day badges.

Cut a 4-inch x 1-inch rectangle out of stiff cardboard. Paint one side, let it dry, then paint the other side.

Glue the alphabet noodles to one side of the cardboard to spell out your message. You can use markers to color the noodles.

When the glue dries, turn the cardboard over, and tape a large safety pin to the back (be sure the pin can be opened before you tape it down).

Pin the badge to a dad-sized T-shirt, and place it somewhere Dad will find it. Bet he gives you a big Best Dad smile!

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