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Father's Day Activities

Mud People

If the weather is right on Father's Day, encourage your father to explore his inner child and get him out in the back yard for some fun making mud people.

What You'll Need:

Old clothes



Pail of water

Small spade




Flower tops

Be sure to wear your oldest clothes -- you'll get dirty. Grab a pail of water and a spade, and head for a place in the yard where it is O.K. to dig.

A great way to celebrate the longest day of summer is to make some friends to join in the fun. Your new friends will be made of mud, but that won't be a problem -- until it rains!

Dig up a nice pile of earth, and add enough water to make clay. Roll balls to make heads, and roll out longer shapes to make bodies. Give your mud people arms and legs made of stiff leaf stems or tiny twigs.

You can add flower tops for hair, and stick on bits of leaves and grass for clothes. Find tiny pebbles to use for eyes and noses.

Line up your mud people in a circle and pick a bunch of wildflowers to put in the center.

Before heading back to the house, make sure you clean up so all that nice summer mud stays outside where it belongs.

Make Dad a sweet treat for Father's Day. Find the simple recipe on the next page and watch as Dad gobbles it up.

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