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Mouse Mitt

Mouse Mitt Father's Day Activity
Mouse Mitt Father's Day Activity

Here's a Father's Day gift Dad can use for his computer. Make this mouse mitt and protect Dad's mouse from dust.

What You'll Need:





Ask your Mom for permission to make a cover for Dad's computer mouse. To make your Mouse Mitt, place the computer mouse on a piece of felt that is Dad's favorite color. Draw a large computer mouse shape around it.

Make your shape about twice the size of the real computer mouse. Cut out the shape, and then cut another one from a second piece of felt that is Dad's other favorite color.

Put the computer mouse between the two pieces and staple all the sides together except for the one with the mouse's "tail" (computer cord) poking out.

Now cut out shapes from felt to glue onto your Mouse Mitt. You can cut out the word "Dad" or make the face of an animal.

Now Dad's mouse won't get dirty (or run away) while it's waiting for him to use it!

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