Father's Day Activities

This Father's Day, make your own happy family dolls.
This Father's Day, make your own happy family dolls.

Make Father's Day memorable with Father's Day activities for kids. Make gifts or create special games that will allow for time spent together.

Father's Day is a wonderful opportunity to make meaningful gifts that come from your two hands. Check out the following pages for Father's Day activities you and dad can work on together, and special gifts you can create with step-by-step instructions.


Mouse Mitt

A mouse mitt keeps the computer mouse free from dust. Learn how to make and personalize a mitt for your father.

Mud People

Encourage your father to act like a kid this Father's Day, and show him how to make mud people.

Dad Snack

Make a special snack for Father's Day -- a recipe and step-by-step instructions will show you how.

Best Dad Badge

Show everyone who's the best Dad around with this special award you can give your dad on Father's Day.

I Love Dad Game

Use your alphabet skills to play the I Love Dad game. Challenge your whole family to play along.

Dad's Shadow Picture

With this old-fashioned technique, you can create an excellent likeness of your father that's worthy of a frame.

Happy Family Dolls

Your family will always be together with special dolls you design to look like your family.

Greatest Dad Statue

Make a statue in the likeness of your father and place it in an honored spot in the back yard.

Bottle Fishing Game

Plan a Father's Day fishing expedition in your own back yard.

Paper Cup Race

Add some competition to Father's Day with a paper cup race game the you make and play.

Continue reading to find out how to make a mouse mitt for Father's Day.

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