Epiphany Activities

Star Trivet

A star trivet can be used on your table
A star trivet can be used on your table

Make a star trivet reminiscent of the star that guided the Magi to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Useful throughout the year, a star trivet is an Epiphany activity for kids with crafting skills.

What You'll Need:

Corrugated cardboard





Silver foil

Many metal soda bottle caps

Silver paint

The three Magi were guided by a star. Keep a guiding star in your kitchen all year 'round.

Cut a large star from cardboard. Paint the star with a thin layer of glue, and wrap it with foil until it is entirely covered.

Glue bottle caps in rows, with the flat side up, to the front of the star. When the glue has dried, paint the bottle caps silver. The star trivet also makes a nice decoration when you are not using it.

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