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Welcome Magi Sign

Make a welcome sign to
Make a welcome sign to

In Germany, Christians create welcome signs for the proverbial visit of the Magi. Create a Welcome Magi sign that will make them notice your door.

What You'll Need:






Crayons or paints




It is a custom in Germany to make a welcome sign with the names of the Magi: Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar. (These are the names that have come down through tradition; we don't really know the names of the Magi, or even if there were three.)

Cut out a square of cardboard for the sign. Decorate the sign with markers, crayons, or paint, and by drizzling glue and sprinkling the glue with glitter.

You can also write the names of the Magi using this glue-and-glitter method. Cut out shiny stars from foil, and glue them on the sign.

Glue the ends of ribbons to the back of the sign so that the ribbons stream out from the bottom of the sign.

Tape a loop of ribbon on the back of the sign for hanging. Place the sign on your front door. Some people believe that this sign also protects the house from floods and fire.

The star is an important symbol during the Epiphany because it became the guiding light for the Magi on their journey to the baby Jesus. Learn how to make a star trivet to keep a guiding light in your home.

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