Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Candy Skeleton

Make a real Halloween treat with this
Make a real Halloween treat with this

This minty candy skeleton ghoul will be a Halloween favorite -- until you gobble him up.

What You'll Need:

White chenille stems

White paper


Black marker

Wintergreen or peppermint candy with holes in the middle

White gumdrops

Craft glue

This cute little bag of bones is not only fun, he's almost edible -- but you might not want to eat him after handling his "bones." So dig in for some graveyard delights.

Bend a chenille stem in half. Cut a skull out of white paper, and use a black marker to give him features.

Slip three candies down the chenille stem to the center of the skeleton's body. These will be his ribs. Below the candies, pull the legs out so the candies stay on the body.

Wrap a second chenille stem just above the candies to form bony arms. Put a white gumdrop on the end of each leg for feet.

Glue the paper skull to the top of the chenille stem (where it is bent in half), and the magic is complete. This ghoul is sure to make your holiday decorations more festive!

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