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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas Cowboy

Round up holiday cheer with the help of the Christmas Cowboy.

What You'll Need:

7×7-inch piece of white cardboard
White foam balls: one 3-1/2-inch diameter; one 2-1/2-inch diameter; six 1-inch diameter
White fiberfill
Felt: 7×7-inch piece red; 1×1-inch piece orange
1-inch wide yellow star sticker
Two wiggle eyes, 12mm each
6-1/4-inch length of red chenille stem
Two green poms, 1-inch each
4-inch brown felt cowboy hat
Small holly sprig
1-inch wreath
Two small wrapped gifts
Two ornaments, 1/2-inch each

christmas cowboy
Christmas Cowboy

  1. For the base, trim the edges of the cardboard into an irregular curved shape. Slightly flatten one side of the large foam ball by pushing it firmly against the work surface. Glue the flat side of the ball to the center of the cardboard base.

  2. Slightly flatten one side of the small foam ball, and then glue the flat side to the top of the large ball. Fluff up the fiberfill, and glue it to the cardboard base.

    christmas cowboy
    Glue the small foam ball to the large one. (Step 2)

  3. Using the pattern you can download here, trace and cut the vest from the red felt. Cut 3/4-inch slits around the bottom of the vest to create the fringe. Wrap the vest around the body of the snowman and glue it in place.

  4. Attach the star sticker to the vest. To make the arm, glue three 1-inch foam balls to the side of the snowman, starting at the vest's arm hole and moving down to the tummy. Repeat on the other side for the other arm.

    christmas cowboy
    Glue three foam balls to both sides of the
    snowman. (Step 4)

  5. Glue the wiggle eyes on the snowman's face. Using the pattern you can download here, trace and cut the nose from orange felt, and then glue it to the face.

  6. Cut a 1-1/4-inch piece of the chenille stem, bend it into a smile, and then glue it to the face. Bend a 1/2-inch section at each end of the remaining 5-inch length of chenille stem. Insert one 1/2-inch end into the side of the snowman's head, curve the stem across the top of the head, and insert the other 1/2-inch end into the other side of the head. Glue the green poms over the ends of the stems.

    christmas cowboy
    Glue gifts and ornaments to the snow around
    the cowboy. (Step 7)

  7. Glue the hat to the top of the snowman's head. Glue the sprig of holly to the hatband. Glue the wreath in front of the snowman's hand, and glue the gifts and ornaments in the snow.

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