Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas Balloon Tree

This Christmas balloon tree will look great on a side table or a counter -- you can even glue cotton-ball ornaments to it for added decoration.

What You'll Need:

Six Balloons (one yellow)

christmas balloon tree
Christmas Balloon Tree

  1. Begin by inflating five balloons, leaving a three-inch tail on each. Inflate another balloon, leaving a four-inch tail.

  2. Twist-lock all five of the longer balloons together at the tying end.

    christmas balloon tree
    Twist-lock all five long balloons together. (Step 2)

  3. Make a twist in each balloon 25 inches from the twist-lock. It is best if someone can help you hold the balloons when working with so many at the same time.

    christmas balloon tree
    Twist each balloon 25 inches from the lock. (Step 3)

  4. Make another twist in each balloon 6 inches from the last twist. Bring all five of the second twists together.

  5. Pinch and twist-lock.

  6. Go four more inches down and twist-lock.

  7. Hold tightly to that twist-lock and cut the tips of the balloons so that the balloon tails deflate to that point, as shown.

    christmas balloon tree
    Cut the tips of the balloon
    tails to deflate them.
    (Step 7)

  8. Tie the ends.

    christmas balloon tree
    Tie the ends of the deflated tails. (Step 8)

  9. Pinch and twist a round bubble in the end of the sixth balloon.

  10. Pinch and twist a four-inch bubble, and fold it over as shown. Pinch and twist-lock.

    christmas balloon tree
    Fold over the four-inch bubble. (Step 10)

  11. Repeat step 10 four times.

  12. Pull the tail portion of the star balloon into the twist-locked balloons at the top of the tree.

christmas balloon tree
Link the star with the top
of the tree. (Step 12)

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