Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Make these easy Christmas crafts for kids as a great way to get the little ones involved in the holiday.

The first celebration of Christmas was in Rome in the year 336 AD. Today, many Christians around the world still celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ every year on December 25.

Christmas is associated with traditions such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and exchanging gifts with loved ones. In this article, you will find fun crafts and activities that will help make your Christmas merry.

Christmas Cheer
Snowman Sweatshirt
Create a festive holiday sweatshirt for that special person on your list.

Doily Angel
This adorable, easy-to-make angel will look lovely on the top of your Christmas tree.

Fuzzy Ornaments
Use these fuzzy ornaments to decorate your house or your Christmas tree -- or use them to top off your beautifully wrapped Christmas presents.

Reindeer Balloon Hat
A few balloons and some creativity are all you need for this festive holiday headgear.

Christmas Balloon Tree
Turn balloons into a great holiday decoration with this Christmas craft.

Christmas Cowboy
Yeehaw! Gallop into the holidays with the Christmas cowboy.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the spirit of giving. Bring joy to someone you love with these festive handmade crafts. Learn how to make a snowman sweatshirt in the next section.

Snowman Sweatshirt

This easy Christmas craft for kids will require adult help, but your kids will love to spend the time with you as you create this festive snowman sweatshirt for someone on your list.

What You'll Need:
  • Red sweatshirt
  • Dimensional paint: glittering crystal, black
  • Felt: 8x10 inches white, 2x4 inches black, 1x3 inches red, 1x2 inches pink
  • Craft snips or wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Low-temperature glue gun, glue sticks
  • 2 green poms, 3/4 inch each
  • Tweezers
  • 2 wiggle eyes, 10mm each
  • 4 black half-ball buttons, 5/16 inch each
  • 2-inch yellow feather
  • 14-inch length red/green plaid ribbon, 5/8 inch wide
  • Repositionable glue

To make the snowflakes on the front of the sweatshirt, first draw a 1-inch horizontal line and 1-inch vertical line with the glittering crystal dimensional paint to form a cross. Then draw 3/4-inch diagonal lines to make an X on top of the cross.

Add snowflakes wherever you want on the front of the sweatshirt, but be sure to leave a space for the snowman. Let the paint dry, then repeat on the back of the sweatshirt.

snowflake sweatshirt
Draw intersecting lines with glitter paint.

Download the snowman sweatshirt pattern as a PDF. Print it out, then cut the snowman base, bottom, middle, head, and 2 arms from white felt; hat from black felt; hatband from red felt; and 2 cheeks from pink felt.

To make the easy Christmas craft for kids, cut out the patterns.
Cut out the patterns.

Use craft glue to attach the parts to the snowman base in the following order: bottom, middle, head, arms, hat, and hatband. Then use the glue gun to attach a green pom to each side of the head for earmuffs and the cheeks to the face.

Use tweezers to glue on wiggle eyes so the bottom edges touch the top of the cheeks. Add a mouth from cheek to cheek with black dimensional paint.

Ask an adult to cut the shanks off the buttons with craft snips. Glue 1 button above the mouth for a nose, and glue the remaining buttons down the middle of the snowman.

Tuck and glue the end of the feather under the hatband.
For the scarf, cut the length of ribbon in half. Then glue the ends of the 2 lengths of ribbon to the base at snowman's neckline. Wrap the ribbon lengths around the front and knot.

Turn over snowman and apply 2 or 3 coats of repositionable glue according to the manufacturer's instructions. Let dry 24 hours, and attach the snowman to the front of the shirt.

Angels are a great craft to make around Christmas. Learn how to make the Doily Angel in the next section.

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Doily Angel

This adorable doily angel is easy to make and will brighten the top of any Christmas tree. We'll show you how to make this easy Christmas craft for kids below.

Doily Angel is an easy Christmas craft for kids.
Doily Angel

Materials Needed:

2 pieces white felt, 9 × 12 inches each
2 white paper doilies: a 12-inch and an 8-inch doily
2-inch hard-pressed foam ball
Acrylic paint: beige, pink
Black permanent felt-tipped marker
Small amount mini-curl blonde hair
12-inch length gold tinsel stem
12-inch length of 3/8-inch-wide light blue picot satin ribbon

What to Do:

Trace and cut angel dress from white felt. Roll felt dress into cone shape, overlapping straight sides two inches on bottom of dress and 1/2 inch at the neck line.

Using glue gun on low, glue overlapped edges together with glue gun.

angel body
Use the glue gun to secure the overlap.

Cut the 12-inch doily in half; save other half for another project. Match dress pattern on doily and use pencil to trace neckline of pattern onto doily. Trim away doily above neckline. Wrap doily around felt dress, overlapping straight edges at back and glue with glue gun. Use a few drops of glue to attach doily to felt dress at back.

Trace and cut angel wing from white felt. Roll felt wing into cone shape, overlapping straight edges one inch at bottom of wing and tapering to a point at the top. Glue.

Wrap the doily around the wing and the dress.
Wrap the doily around
the wing and the dress.

Cut the eight-inch doily in half. Wrap doily around wing, overlapping straight edges at side seam and glue. Use a few drops of glue to attach doily to felt wing at side seam. Apply glue to side seam of wing and place at side of dress. The top point of the wing should be even with dress neckline. Repeat with second wing.

For head, lightly sand foam ball. Paint with two coats of beige. Let dry. Using glue gun, apply glue to neckline of dress and place head into glue.

For hair, apply craft glue to top, sides, and back of head. Gently fluff curly hair and place into glue, slightly overlapping curls. Spot glue and add more hair as needed.

Paint pink cheeks on face; let dry. Use marker to draw eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth.

For halo, make a two-inch-wide circle in the middle of the ten-inch length of glitter stem. Twist ends together. Insert and glue (with craft glue) twisted ends into back top of angel’s head. Tie the ribbon into a bow. Glue to center front of neckline.

Need something to hand on the tree to which you've just added the angel? Make the easy Fuzzy Ornaments in the next section.

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Fuzzy Ornaments

Christmas 'tis the season to be jolly! Decorate your house or your tree with easy Christmas crafts for kids: these funtastically fuzzy ornaments! Use chenille and metallic tinsel stems to create snowmen, angels, candy canes, and more.

Snowman Ornament

Snowman Ornament
Snowman Ornament

To make this simple snowman, glue 3 poms together and add a few snowman details with chenille stems and wiggle eyes.

This little guy is glued to a mini clothespin and can be hung on a Christmas tree, tied onto a present, clipped onto a coat or scarf -- or anything else you can dream up!

Angelic Ornament

Angelic Ornament
Angelic Ornament

What You'll Need:
1 bump chenille stem
1 pom, 3/4 inch
2 metallic stems, 6mm each
2 wiggle eyes, 3mm each
1 pom, 3mm

Cut a 2-bump piece from the bump chenille stem. Fold this piece in half, and twist the ends together. Fold over 1/2 inch of the folded end to eliminate the pointy look.

Glue the 3/4-inch pom to the other end. This is the angel's head.

Bend a metallic stem into the shape of 2 wings. Glue the wings to the back of the chenille bump, just below the pom.

Bend the stem into wings.
Bend the stem into wings.

Cut a 2-inch piece from the remaining metallic stem. Bend it into a circle with about 3/4-inch overlap. Bend the overlapping piece down, and glue it to the back of the pom, creating a halo.

Bend the stem down to create a halo.
Bend the stem down to create a halo.

Glue the wiggle eyes and 3mm pom onto the head to create the angel's eyes and nose.

Candy Cane Ornament

Candy Cane Ornament
Candy Cane Ornament

These cute little candy canes are easy to make! Either twist together red and white stems and bend the ends into a hook, or -- even easier -- buy pre-twisted stems!

Keep reading to learn how you can bring Santa's reindeer to your house this Christmas.

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Reindeer Balloon Hat

This reindeer balloon hat is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit. Make one for each of Santa's reindeer.

What You'll Need:

Four Balloons (two red, two green)

reindeer balloon hat
Reindeer Balloon Hat

1. Begin by inflating four balloons, leaving a two-inch tail on each.

2. Pinch and twist a four-inch bubble and a one-inch bubble.

reindeer balloon hat
Twist a four-inch bubble and a one-inch bubble.
(Step 2)

3. Ear twist the one-inch bubble.

reindeer baloon hatt
Ear twist the one-inch bubble. (Step 3)

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 twice.

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 on the second balloon.

­6. Twist-lock the two balloons together at the ends.­­


reindeer balloon hat­
Lock the two balloons. (Step 6)

­7. Using the third balloon, find the halfway point. Wrap it around the first balloon four inches from where the first balloon is joined to the second balloon, as shown. Pinch and twist-lock.

reindeer balloon hat
Wrap the third balloon around the first two balloons
at the halfway point. (Step 7)

8. Using the fourth balloon, repeat step 7, wrapping it around the second balloon. Twist-lock the tying ends of the third and fourth balloons.

reindeer balloon hat
Repeat Step 7 with the fourth balloon. (Step 8)

­9. ­Twist-lock the other ends of the third and fourth balloons.Your house will be full of Christmas trees after you learn the next craft.

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Christmas Balloon Tree

This Christmas balloon tree will look great on a side table or a counter -- you can even glue cotton-ball ornaments to it for added decoration.

What You'll Need:

Six Balloons (one yellow)

christmas balloon tree
Christmas Balloon Tree

  1. Begin by inflating five balloons, leaving a three-inch tail on each. Inflate another balloon, leaving a four-inch tail.

  2. Twist-lock all five of the longer balloons together at the tying end.

    christmas balloon tree
    Twist-lock all five long balloons together. (Step 2)

  3. Make a twist in each balloon 25 inches from the twist-lock. It is best if someone can help you hold the balloons when working with so many at the same time.

    christmas balloon tree
    Twist each balloon 25 inches from the lock. (Step 3)

  4. Make another twist in each balloon 6 inches from the last twist. Bring all five of the second twists together.

  5. Pinch and twist-lock.

  6. Go four more inches down and twist-lock.

  7. Hold tightly to that twist-lock and cut the tips of the balloons so that the balloon tails deflate to that point, as shown.

    christmas balloon tree
    Cut the tips of the balloon
    tails to deflate them.
    (Step 7)

  8. Tie the ends.

    christmas balloon tree
    Tie the ends of the deflated tails. (Step 8)

  9. Pinch and twist a round bubble in the end of the sixth balloon.

  10. Pinch and twist a four-inch bubble, and fold it over as shown. Pinch and twist-lock.

    christmas balloon tree
    Fold over the four-inch bubble. (Step 10)

  11. Repeat step 10 four times.

  12. Pull the tail portion of the star balloon into the twist-locked balloons at the top of the tree.

christmas balloon tree
Link the star with the top
of the tree. (Step 12)

Keep reading for more easy Christmas crafts for kids. Learn how to make a Christmas Cowboy on the next page.

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Christmas Cowboy

Round up holiday cheer with the help of the Christmas Cowboy.

What You'll Need:

7×7-inch piece of white cardboard
White foam balls: one 3-1/2-inch diameter; one 2-1/2-inch diameter; six 1-inch diameter
White fiberfill
Felt: 7×7-inch piece red; 1×1-inch piece orange
1-inch wide yellow star sticker
Two wiggle eyes, 12mm each
6-1/4-inch length of red chenille stem
Two green poms, 1-inch each
4-inch brown felt cowboy hat
Small holly sprig
1-inch wreath
Two small wrapped gifts
Two ornaments, 1/2-inch each

christmas cowboy
Christmas Cowboy

  1. For the base, trim the edges of the cardboard into an irregular curved shape. Slightly flatten one side of the large foam ball by pushing it firmly against the work surface. Glue the flat side of the ball to the center of the cardboard base.

  2. Slightly flatten one side of the small foam ball, and then glue the flat side to the top of the large ball. Fluff up the fiberfill, and glue it to the cardboard base.

    christmas cowboy
    Glue the small foam ball to the large one. (Step 2)

  3. Using the pattern you can download here, trace and cut the vest from the red felt. Cut 3/4-inch slits around the bottom of the vest to create the fringe. Wrap the vest around the body of the snowman and glue it in place.

  4. Attach the star sticker to the vest. To make the arm, glue three 1-inch foam balls to the side of the snowman, starting at the vest's arm hole and moving down to the tummy. Repeat on the other side for the other arm.

    christmas cowboy
    Glue three foam balls to both sides of the
    snowman. (Step 4)

  5. Glue the wiggle eyes on the snowman's face. Using the pattern you can download here, trace and cut the nose from orange felt, and then glue it to the face.

  6. Cut a 1-1/4-inch piece of the chenille stem, bend it into a smile, and then glue it to the face. Bend a 1/2-inch section at each end of the remaining 5-inch length of chenille stem. Insert one 1/2-inch end into the side of the snowman's head, curve the stem across the top of the head, and insert the other 1/2-inch end into the other side of the head. Glue the green poms over the ends of the stems.

    christmas cowboy
    Glue gifts and ornaments to the snow around
    the cowboy. (Step 7)

  7. Glue the hat to the top of the snowman's head. Glue the sprig of holly to the hatband. Glue the wreath in front of the snowman's hand, and glue the gifts and ornaments in the snow.

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Snowman Sweatshirt and Doily Angel by Cindy Groom Harry and Staff