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Stained Glass Easter Basket
Stained Glass Easter Basket
Stained Glass Easter Basket

This colorful stained glass Easter basket will brighten up the holiday.

What You'll Need:

5×7-inch piece of clear shrink plastic

8×10-inch piece of cardboard

Black dimensional squeeze paint

Glass stain: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, orange

Trace the pattern you can download here onto a 5×7-inch piece of typing paper. Roll four 1-1/2-inch lengths of masking tape into loops with the sticky side out, and place them on the four corners of the typing paper; do not cover any of the pattern with the tape.

Set the piece of shrink plastic on the pattern with the edges properly aligned and press down firmly until the tape holds the shrink plastic in place. Place it on the cardboard on a flat surface.

Beginning with the horizontal line at the top of the pattern and working your way down, carefully trace the pattern onto the shrink plastic with the squeeze paint. It is important that all the fines and corners are solid so the different areas of the pattern are separated. If the paint smears, use a damp paint brush to wipe away the smear. Let dry.

Trace the pattern onto the shrink plastic.

Remove the pattern from the shrink plastic, and set the shrink plastic on the cardboard. Figure out what color scheme you would like to use before you begin to stain the shrink plastic. To prepare the stain, tip the bottles back and forth gently without shaking (this prevents bubbles from forming.) Squeeze stain from the bottle onto one area of the shrink plastic, using the bottle nozzle to move stain into the corners.

Stain the shrink plastic carefully.

Push any bubbles that do form over to a squeeze paint line and press the bubbles against the edge. Apply enough stain so that it's bright in color, but not so much that it runs over the squeeze paint lines. Stain the remaining areas in the same way. Let dry.

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