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Easter Crafts

Woven Basket

Give your kids a chance to try weaving with this easy Woven Basket craft project. Then let them dress it up and fill it to celebrate Easter!

What You'll Need:

Masking tape


17 tan chenille stems, 6mm each


8 light brown chenille stems, 6mm each

Craft foam



1 pink chenille stem, 6mm

Place a piece of masking tape sticky side up on your work area. Stick 12 tan chenille stems side by side so 1 inch of each is stuck to the tape. Turn the tape upside down and stick it to your work surface, holding the chenille stems in place.

Cut 6 light brown chenille stems into thirds (each piece will be 4 inches long).

To weave the 4-inch brown stems into the tan stems, start on the right side of the tan stems. Place the end of the first brown stem under the first tan stem. Push the brown stem through so the end goes over the second tan stem, under the third, over the fourth, and so on through all 12 tan chenille stems. The brown stem will extend about 1/2 inch beyond the tan stems on both sides. Gently slide the woven brown stem up to the tape.

For the second row, again start on the right of the tan stems. This time, place the end of a brown stem on top of the first tan stem, and weave it under the second, over the third, and so on. Gently slide it up to the first brown stem. Continue weaving in this manner until all 18 brown stem pieces are in place. Fold both ends of all the brown stems under, securing them in place.

Loosely fold the ends of the tan stems opposite the tape. (Do not press down yet.) Remove the tape. Place a tan chenille stem where the tape was, and fold the ends of the 12 tan stems over it, holding it in place. The long tan stem should extend 1 inch beyond the weaving on 1 side and 5 or 6 inches on the other side.

Fold the long end of the tan chenille stem over so it meets itself.

Bend the ends of the woven piece to meet each other, forming the basket. (The folded ends should be on the inside.) Slip the folded chenille stem under the loosely bent ends, and press the ends firmly down over the tan stem.

Make sure the edges of the basket align. Twist the ends of the tan stem together, and fold the ends to the inside of the basket.

Trace around the bottom of the basket on craft foam. Cut out this circle just inside the line, and glue it to the bottom of the basket. Set this aside.

With the remaining 6 chenille stems, make 2 braids, using 2 tan and 1 brown chenille stem for each braid. Glue the first braid around the top edge of the basket, and glue the ends of the other braid onto opposite sides of the top edge of the basket, looping it across to form the basket's handle.

Bend the pink stem into the shape of a bow, and tie or glue it to the handle.

You'll be feeling very bunny when you carry the bag you learn about next.

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