Easter Crafts

Bunny Easter Basket

Bunny Easter Basket Easter Craft
Bunny Easter Basket Easter Craft

This cute Bunny Easter Basket looks just like the Easter Bunny!

What You'll Need:

1 pint milk carton


White and pink cotton balls

Craft glue

Construction paper

Easter grass

Easter goodies

Open the spout of an empty, clean pint milk carton. Lay the carton on a table with the spout side on the table. Cut out the side that is now on the top of the carton. You now have a rectangular hole.

Glue white cotton balls all over the remaining milk carton; be sure to cover it completely. The opened spout of the milk carton is the nose of the rabbit. Place a pink cotton ball on the spout for the nose and add a pink one in the back for a tail.

Cut out 2 paper eyes, and glue them just above the spout. Cut out 2 long ears, and glue them on either side of the carton -- your rabbit can be a flop-earred bunny with ears that hang down or the ears can stand up.

Place Easter grass in the hole, and fill the bunny with goodies.

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