Easter Crafts

Mini-Easter Baskets

Mini-Easter Baskets Easter Craft
Mini-Easter Baskets Easter Craft

These mini-Easter baskets are a holiday craft so simple, you'll want to make plenty to use as table decorations and to give to your friends.

Note: Adult Help Needed

What You'll Need:

Cardboard egg cartons



Ribbon or chenille stems

Paints and paintbrushes (optional)

Easter grass (or shredded green construction paper)

Easter candy

Separate the individual egg buckets of an egg carton with scissors; an adult may need to help you do this. Use a sharp pencil point to poke a hole on 2 opposite sides of each bucket.

Cut a piece of ribbon, and tie each end through a hole to create a handle for the basket. Instead of ribbon, you could use chenille stems for the handle; attach each end of the stem to a side of the basket. Add a bow to the top of the handle. Paint the baskets, if you'd like. Fill the basket with Easter grass and Easter goodies.

Have your kids make mini Easter bunnies to go with these Mini-Easter Baskets. See the instructions for Funny Bunnies on the next page.

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