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Easter Crafts

Egg Critter

Make an Egg Critter with these colorful parts.
Make an Egg Critter with these colorful parts.

This little egg ­critter will liven up your Easter.



Note: Adult help needed

What You'll Need:

Tracing paper



2x3 inches white poster board

Felt: 2x4 inches orange, 3/4x1-1/4 inches red, 1x2 inches purple

Low-temperature glue gun and glue sticks

Orange dimensional paint

2-inch yellow plastic egg

2-inch yellow pom

Yarn: 14 inches yellow, 12 inches green



2 wiggle eyes, 10mm each

Craft feathers (assorted colors): three 4 inches long, two 2 inches long

Print out, trace and cut out the patterns shown on this page.

Make 2 feet out of poster board and 2 out of orange felt using the pattern. Glue 1 felt foot to 1 poster board foot. Squeeze orange dimensional paint lines on the felt foot according to the pattern; let dry. Repeat for the other foot.

Position the feet (felt side up) about 1/4 inch apart on your work surface. Glue the yellow plastic egg (rounded side) to the feet.

To make the egg critter's head, glue the yellow pom to the top of the egg.

For hair, cut five 2-inch lengths of yellow yarn, and align the ends. Wrap the remaining 4-inch length of yellow yarn around the middle of the 2-inch lengths; tie a knot. Fold this piece in half; trim the ends to make them even.

Glue the knotted end to the top center of the head. Wrap the middle of the length of green yarn around the bottom of the yarn hairs and tie a bow. Trim the tails.

Make the feathers and a bow for the head.
Make the feathers and a bow for the head.

Using the patterns on this page, trace and cut out the beak from orange felt and the tongue from red felt. Glue the tongue to the inside center of the beak, and fold the beak across the middle as shown on the patterns. Glue the outside of the fold near the bottom of the head.

Use tweezers to glue 2 wiggle eyes to the head, just touching the sides of the beak.

Carefully place the eyes on the face.
Carefully place the eyes on the face.

Use the pattern on this page to trace and cut a bow tie from purple felt, and glue it to the egg critter just under the beak.

For the tail feathers, glue 4-inch feathers to the lower back of the egg. Glue the 2-inch feathers to the sides of the body for wings.

Now your Egg Critter is ready for fun! For another fun Easter critter, see the craft project on the next page -- our Spring Bunny!

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