Easter Crafts

Beautiful Button Quilt

Use pastel spring colors to make this pretty quilt as a fun craft project to celebrate Easter -- and the whole season!

What You'll Need:

7-1/2-inch square foam board, 1/2 inch thick



Craft knife

Fabric punch

Fabric: two 2-3/4-inch squares and two 3-inch squares blue print; two 2-3/4-inch squares and two 3-inch squares pink print; and four 3x5-inch pieces green print


Masking tape

4-inch length matching satin ribbon, 1/8 inch wide

Low-temperature glue gun and glue sticks

7-1/4-inch square white poster board

9 matching buttons, 1/2 inch diameter

Measure and mark lines on the foam board with the pencil as shown. Ask an adult to score the lines about 1/8 inch deep with the craft knife. Then run the fabric punch along the scored lines to make them slightly larger.

Make lines on the foam board to lay the grid.

Set a 2-3/4-inch square of fabric on the foam board, centered over one of the inner squares made by the scored lines. Using the flat side of the fabric punch, carefully poke the fabric into the middle of each of the 4 scored lines of the square to hold the fabric in place. Continue pushing the fabric into the scored lines all the way around the square.

Use scissors to snip off any fabric edges that are too long to tuck in. Put the remaining fabric pieces into the foam board in the same way (see the illustration for placement). The outside edges of the 8 pieces of fabric on the sides of the foam board will be loose.

Places the fabric pieces on the foam board.

Working with the corner pieces first, carefully fold the loose edges of fabric around the back of the foam board and tape them securely. Fold the ribbon in half to form a loop, and glue the two ends to the back of the foam board for a hanger. Glue the poster board onto the back of the foam board so the fabric edges are covered.

Glue the poster board on to the foam board.

Glue the buttons onto the front of the foam board as shown.

Glue the buttons on the front of the foam board.

Give this beautiful quilt to your mom as a Mother's Day gift, or hang it on the wall as an Easter decoration. Another Easter decoration you can make as a craft project is our Bunny Plant Poke. Check out the instructions and illustrations on the next page.

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