Easter Activities

Easter Peeps Nail Decorations
Easter Peeps make decorating nails easy.
Easter Peeps make decorating nails easy.

Easter Peeps are an egg-cellent way to decorate your fingernails this Easter season. Keep a close watch on this little chickie: It's ready to break out of its shell!

Paint each of your fingernails a different pastel color. Let dry.

Get into the season with these nail decorations.

Using yellow paint, paint a circle slightly lower than the center of the nail. Paint a smaller circle directly above -- and touching -- the first one.

Paint a yellow wing on each side of the larger circle. Let dry.

Using orange paint, paint an upside-down triangle (the beak) on the smaller circle and 2 more triangles (feet) at the bottom of the larger circle.

Using black paint and a toothpick, paint 2 small dots for eyes.

Let your imagination run wild.

Next, celebrate all four seasons in one night with your friends!

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