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Easter Activities

One-of-a-Kind Baskets

One-of-a-Kind Baskets Easter Activity
One-of-a-Kind Baskets Easter Activity

Get busy the week before Easter and make homemade, one-of-a-kind baskets for every member of your family. Sneak the baskets onto their chairs before breakfast on Easter morning, and get everyone's holiday off to a great start!

What You'll Need:

Empty oatmeal or milk cartons






Old magazines

Easter stickers

Old Easter cards

Crepe paper

Colored cord or ribbon

Easter grass


Cut off and throw away the top half of a clean milk or oatmeal carton. On the bottom half of the carton, poke 2 holes near the top, one on each side, for the handle. You might need some adult help to do this part.

Paint the carton inside and out in a pretty, Easter color. (To paint milk cartons, mix a little white glue into the paint to make the paint adhere better to the waxed surface.) Use a different color for each member of the family.

Then look through old magazines to find pictures of things that each family member likes or things that remind you of them. Cut the pictures out, and glue them all around the basket. You may want to add Easter stickers, pictures from old Easter cards, and thin streamers of crepe paper to complete your design.

When you finish, loop a colored cord or ribbon through the 2 holes you poked earlier, and tie a bow to make a handle. Fill your baskets with Easter grass and delicious Easter treats.

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