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Easter Activities

Prickle Chick

Prickle Chick Easter Activity
Prickle Chick Easter Activity

This little "Prickle Chick" is cute on your Easter table, or you can give him as a fun gift!

What You'll Need:

Large pine cone


Yellow spray paint


Craft stick


White glue

Felt scraps

Feathers (available from a craft store)

2 wiggle eyes

Choose a fat pine cone that will stand up by itself. In a well-ventilated room or outside, have an adult help you spray paint the pine cone yellow. Let the paint dry.

Wrap the pine cone in a thin layer of fiberfill. Use a craft stick to poke the

fiberfill between the scales of the pine cone. This will give your

Prickle Chick a fluffy look.

Draw and cut out wings, a beak, 2 feet, and a tail from yellow felt. Glue them in place. Glue a few small feathers on the ends of the wings and tail.

Cut 2 circles of white felt for the outer eyes, and glue the wiggle eyes on them. Glue eyes to the chick.

Set the Prickle Chick in the center of the table for an Easter decoration!

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