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Easter Activities

Eggs Grow on Trees?

Eggs Grow on Trees Easter Activity
Eggs Grow on Trees Easter Activity

Eggs don't grow on trees -- or do they? This lovely Easter tree is ribboned with eggs and flower blossoms.

What You'll Need:

Plastic flowerpot


Crepe or tissue paper


Potting soil

Branch with 5 or 6 shoots

Dried moss

4 eggs

Butter knife

Small container


Small fresh flowers


Easter grass

Miniature chocolate eggs

Cover a plastic flowerpot with tissue or crepe paper. Glue the paper inside and out, and try to tuck in all the edges so they fit smoothly on the plastic.

Fill the pot with soil, and stick a branch with 5 or 6 twiggy shoots into the center. This is the tree.

Cover the soil around the tree with moss. Use a butter knife to gently crack the eggs so that you get 2 equal halves. Have an adult help you with this. Save the insides of the eggs for baking or cooking.

Carefully wash and dry the shells. Glue an 8-inch piece of ribbon around the bottom and up the sides of each egg half so that enough ribbon is left to tie to a branch in a neat bow. Tie the eggshells to the branches.

Place a small amount of water into some of the eggshells, and place a few small flowers in each. In others, place a bit of Easter grass and a single tiny chocolate egg.

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