Easter Activities

Ray Stencils

These ray stencils are great for Easter or any other holiday! Decorate a greeting card or make a holiday decoration with a simple scribble.

What You'll Need:

Drawing paper



Coloring tools such as crayons or colored pencils

Fold a piece of drawing paper in half. Draw half of a heart shape on the fold. Cut out the heart shape along the lines, then unfold the paper.

Below are a few designs you can make with the cutout heart shape and the cutout paper stencil.

With the heart shape: Hold the cutout carefully on a piece of paper, and draw rays outward across the edge.

With the stencil: Fill in the shape with horizontal or vertical lines, or draw small rays inward from the edge. You can make borders around a picture or overlap the hearts to make patterns.

Cut out more shapes for other holidays. Use the shapes and stencils to make special greeting cards.

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