Easter Activities

Holiday Fanfolds

These holiday fanfolds are a great idea for Easter or any other holiday! A folded fan can add three-dimensional interest to a flat picture in several ways.

What You'll Need:

Construction paper



Transparent tape


Cut a 3x6-inch rectangle from a piece of construction paper. Fold the short edge back 1/2 inch. Turn the paper over and fold the fold back the same distance. Repeat until the whole paper is folded. Pinch one end together to make a fan shape, and tape the end to secure it.

Here are just a few holiday projects you can make with fanfolds:

Decorate a fan triangle with markers to make an Easter or Christmas tree.

Make 2 triangles and use them for angel or Easter chick wings.

Make 3 triangles and tape them together for a shamrock.

Instead of a bow, use 2 triangles on a present.

Learn how to turn scribbles into a pretty holiday decoration on the next page.

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