Easter Activities

Easter activities for kids is a series of ideas for celebrating the Christian holiday that, for many people, includes traditions like the Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunts, and chocolate-filled Easter baskets.

In this article, you will find crafts, recipes and activities that will liven up your Easter celebrations!


Carrot Casserole

This delicious casserole will have everyone hopping to the table!

Easter Bunny Race

You'll have a blast finding out whose Easter Bunny is the fastest!

Eggs Grow on Trees?

Find out how to make your very own Easter tree.

Prickle Chick

This adorable chick will make the perfect centerpiece for your Easter table.

One-of-a-Kind Baskets

Make a unique basket for every member of your family!

Bunny-Nose Egg Race

Face-painting makes this egg race all the more fun!

Easter Lilies

Learn how to plant these lovely flowers in your own yard.

Jelly Bean Game

This Easter game is fun -- and delicious!

"Easter Peeps" Nail Decorations

Learn how to turn your fingernails into Easter masterpieces!

Four Seasons in Just One Night

Bring all four seasons together for a fun slumber party.

Holiday Mobile

Learn how to make these lovely decorations for your home!

Holiday Fanfold

Fanfolds can make Easter or any other holiday a little brighter!

Ray Stencils

These stencils make decorating for any holiday more interesting.

Get started with your Easter fun by trying the carrot casserole on the next page!

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Make this yummy carrot casserole for your favorite Easter bunny. Everyone will hop right on over to the table at Easter dinner when they smell this dish!

What You'll Need:

1 pound carrots


Baking pan

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons maple syrup

2 tablespoons margarine

Aluminum foil

Fresh parsley

Have an adult preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

Wash the carrots. You may need an adult to help cut the carrots into quarter-sized rounds.

Place the carrots in a baking pan. Sprinkle them with the salt and maple syrup, and dot them with margarine.

Cover the pan with foil and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Before serving, make a circle of fresh parsley to put on top for decoration.

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Easter Bunny Races Easter Activity
Easter Bunny Races Easter Activity

They're off! The Easter bunnies race across the floor ... it's the pink bunny ... no, it's the blue bunny. It's ... it's ... lots of fun no matter who wins!

What You'll Need:

2 pieces of cardboard about 12 inches long




Two 10-inch pieces of string

Cut 2 Easter bunny shapes from the heavy cardboard. Color the front and back of the bunnies with markers.

With the pencil, punch a hole through the middle of each bunny just below the head -- punch from the front to the back so the edges of the hole are smooth.

Thread a piece of string through the hole in each rabbit. Tie one end of each string to the leg of a table, just high enough so that the rabbit's legs touch the floor. Back up, taking the rabbits with you, to the end of the string. Stand the rabbits up, making them lean toward the table a little.

When you jerk the string, the rabbits will walk toward the table. (Bunnies walk best on smooth floor or low carpet.) The first Easter bunny to reach the table wins!

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Eggs Grow on Trees Easter Activity
Eggs Grow on Trees Easter Activity

Eggs don't grow on trees -- or do they? This lovely Easter tree is ribboned with eggs and flower blossoms.

What You'll Need:

Plastic flowerpot

Crepe or tissue paper


Potting soil

Branch with 5 or 6 shoots

Dried moss

4 eggs

Butter knife

Small container


Small fresh flowers


Easter grass

Miniature chocolate eggs

Cover a plastic flowerpot with tissue or crepe paper. Glue the paper inside and out, and try to tuck in all the edges so they fit smoothly on the plastic.

Fill the pot with soil, and stick a branch with 5 or 6 twiggy shoots into the center. This is the tree.

Cover the soil around the tree with moss. Use a butter knife to gently crack the eggs so that you get 2 equal halves. Have an adult help you with this. Save the insides of the eggs for baking or cooking.

Carefully wash and dry the shells. Glue an 8-inch piece of ribbon around the bottom and up the sides of each egg half so that enough ribbon is left to tie to a branch in a neat bow. Tie the eggshells to the branches.

Place a small amount of water into some of the eggshells, and place a few small flowers in each. In others, place a bit of Easter grass and a single tiny chocolate egg.

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Prickle Chick Easter Activity
Prickle Chick Easter Activity

This little "Prickle Chick" is cute on your Easter table, or you can give him as a fun gift!

What You'll Need:

Large pine cone

Yellow spray paint


Craft stick


White glue

Felt scraps

Feathers (available from a craft store)

2 wiggle eyes

Choose a fat pine cone that will stand up by itself. In a well-ventilated room or outside, have an adult help you spray paint the pine cone yellow. Let the paint dry.

Wrap the pine cone in a thin layer of fiberfill. Use a craft stick to poke the

fiberfill between the scales of the pine cone. This will give your

Prickle Chick a fluffy look.

Draw and cut out wings, a beak, 2 feet, and a tail from yellow felt. Glue them in place. Glue a few small feathers on the ends of the wings and tail.

Cut 2 circles of white felt for the outer eyes, and glue the wiggle eyes on them. Glue eyes to the chick.

Set the Prickle Chick in the center of the table for an Easter decoration!

On the next page, learn how to make a one-of-a-kind basket for every member of your family!

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One-of-a-Kind Baskets Easter Activity
One-of-a-Kind Baskets Easter Activity

Get busy the week before Easter and make homemade, one-of-a-kind baskets for every member of your family. Sneak the baskets onto their chairs before breakfast on Easter morning, and get everyone's holiday off to a great start!

What You'll Need:

Empty oatmeal or milk cartons





Old magazines

Easter stickers

Old Easter cards

Crepe paper

Colored cord or ribbon

Easter grass


Cut off and throw away the top half of a clean milk or oatmeal carton. On the bottom half of the carton, poke 2 holes near the top, one on each side, for the handle. You might need some adult help to do this part.

Paint the carton inside and out in a pretty, Easter color. (To paint milk cartons, mix a little white glue into the paint to make the paint adhere better to the waxed surface.) Use a different color for each member of the family.

Then look through old magazines to find pictures of things that each family member likes or things that remind you of them. Cut the pictures out, and glue them all around the basket. You may want to add Easter stickers, pictures from old Easter cards, and thin streamers of crepe paper to complete your design.

When you finish, loop a colored cord or ribbon through the 2 holes you poked earlier, and tie a bow to make a handle. Fill your baskets with Easter grass and delicious Easter treats.

On the next page, learn how to play a bunny-nose egg race with your friends!

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This Easter, face paints can turn all your party guests into bunnies for a fun-filled bunny-nose egg race. This race will be the hit of any Easter party!

What You'll Need:

Water-based face paints

Hard-boiled Easter eggs

Recorded music

White string


With the face paints, color all the players' faces like Easter bunnies. When the paint has dried, you are ready to start the race.

Set the course by laying down a long white string that has been weighted at various points with carrots. You can do this outside on the lawn or indoors if you have enough space.

You can make the string as long or as short as you'd like, but about 20 feet is a good length. It's also best if you lay your string down in a straight line, but you may want to experiment by adding a turn for a slightly harder game.

When you are ready to play, give 2 players a hard-boiled egg each. Tell them they have to push the egg along either side of the string with their noses until they get to the end. Whoever gets there first is the winner.

As a variation, you can play a short, recorded song, and the players must get to the end before the music stops. However you play, this game will give those bunny noses a good hard wriggle!

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Easter Lilies Easter Activity
Easter Lilies Easter Activity

Easter lilies are a holiday favorite. Grow them as gifts for your family and friends!

What You'll Need:

Easter lily bulbs

6-inch wide flower pots

Potting soil

Pour about four inches of soil into each of your flower pots. Put an Easter lily bulb onto the soil, and fill in around it with more potting soil until the bulb is barely covered. Moisten the soil, then put the pot aside in a cool, dark place.

After about two weeks the stalk will sprout from the bulb. Fill in with more soil. Keep adding soil as the stalk grows until you have filled the pot to within 1/2 inch of the top.

Two months after you have planted the bulbs, bring them into a well-lit room. Mist the leaves daily with a plant mister or spray bottle. In a cool room, the plant will take about three months to bloom. In a warm room, it may take two months or less.

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Are you tired of hunting Easter eggs? Have you bitten the head off each and every chocolate bunny? Then it's time for ... the Jelly Bean Game!

What You'll Need:

3 empty egg cartons


Clear tape

Red, yellow, and green jelly beans

Masking tape

Plastic spoon

Cork or bottle cap

Cut the top and flaps off 3 egg cartons, and tape the bottoms side-to-side so you have a 6x6 array of egg cups. Put one jelly bean in each egg cup.

Mark a starting line on the table with a piece of masking tape. Place a plastic spoon on the table, with the bowl side touching the starting line, facing the egg carton.

Put the cork or bottle cap on the straight end of the spoon, then press quickly and firmly down on the spoon bowl to flip the bottle cap into the carton. If it lands in an egg cup, you get to keep the jelly bean from that cup and take another turn. When you miss a cup, your turn is over.

When all of the jelly beans have been won, count them up and see who has the most points. Red jelly beans are worth 10 points, yellow jelly beans are worth 5 points, and green jelly beans are worth 1 point. Remember, if you eat the jelly beans before the game is over, you lose the points!

­On the next page, learn how to decorate your nails with adorable "easter peeps."

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Easter Peeps make decorating nails easy.
Easter Peeps make decorating nails easy.

Easter Peeps are an egg-cellent way to decorate your fingernails this Easter season. Keep a close watch on this little chickie: It's ready to break out of its shell!

Paint each of your fingernails a different pastel color. Let dry.

Get into the season with these nail decorations.
Get into the season with these nail decorations.

Using yellow paint, paint a circle slightly lower than the center of the nail. Paint a smaller circle directly above -- and touching -- the first one.

Paint a yellow wing on each side of the larger circle. Let dry.

Using orange paint, paint an upside-down triangle (the beak) on the smaller circle and 2 more triangles (feet) at the bottom of the larger circle.

Using black paint and a toothpick, paint 2 small dots for eyes.

Let your imagination run wild.
Let your imagination run wild.

Next, celebrate all four seasons in one night with your friends!

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Throw a fun holiday party.
Throw a fun holiday party.

This sleepover celebrates four seasons in just one night! Ask your friends to bring four sets of clothing, one for each season. They should also bring a small wrapped gift to exchange in "December." If possible, ask guests to bring old baseball caps and solid-colored umbrellas. You'll need these for your party crafts.


Cut a cloud from white or gray paper. Use colored ribbons to hang a flower, the sun, a leaf, and a snowflake from the cloud. Write all the important party details on the cloud.

Come to my 4-seasons-in-1 party!

Where: Jane's house, 4747 W. Main St.

When: April 21, at 6:00 p.m.

Pick-up time: April 22, at 11:00 a.m.


Divide the party space into four areas, one for each season.


Celebrate the rains, green leaves, and flowers by using umbrellas, fresh or fake flowers, and live plants as props. Pictures of bunnies and four-leaf clovers add to the spring theme.


Plenty of sunshine! Have bright lights on, and hang the sun high in the blue sky. Tennis racquets and swim gear make great summery props. Lay colorful beach towels on the floor, and fill a shallow tub with sand, shells, and some beach toys for an indoor seashore!


Think leaves, leaves, leaves! Cut some out of orange, red, and brown paper, and place them in the fall area. It's harvest time, so baskets of apples, corn stalks, and a rake make fun props.


Hang paper snowflakes and silver chenille stem icicles. Place skis or ice skates on the floor (be sure they are in a safe place). Include winter holidays as you decorate: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Day, and Valentine's Day.

Next, learn how to create a holiday mobile to help you celebrate your favorite holiday!

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This Easter, let the wind spin and twirl your holiday mobile. It's a great way to see your project from every angle.

What You'll Need:

Plastic coffee can lid


Permanent markers

Hole punch


To make the frame, have an adult cut the center from a plastic coffee can lid. Make sure the rim is at least 1/2 inch wide.

Color the rim with permanent markers.

To make the hanger, punch 4 holes evenly spaced around the rim. Thread a piece of string through each hole. Bring the ends of each string together at the top and tie them in a knot. Punch 4 more holes between the others. Hang string down from the 4 holes to hold your decorations.

Each season of the year, tie on something new: Christmas ornaments, paper Easter eggs, or Halloween ghosts and goblins.

Can't get enough fun holiday crafts? On the next page, learn how to make a holiday fanfold.

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These holiday fanfolds are a great idea for Easter or any other holiday! A folded fan can add three-dimensional interest to a flat picture in several ways.

What You'll Need:

Construction paper



Transparent tape


Cut a 3x6-inch rectangle from a piece of construction paper. Fold the short edge back 1/2 inch. Turn the paper over and fold the fold back the same distance. Repeat until the whole paper is folded. Pinch one end together to make a fan shape, and tape the end to secure it.

Here are just a few holiday projects you can make with fanfolds:

Decorate a fan triangle with markers to make an Easter or Christmas tree.

Make 2 triangles and use them for angel or Easter chick wings.

Make 3 triangles and tape them together for a shamrock.

Instead of a bow, use 2 triangles on a present.

Learn how to turn scribbles into a pretty holiday decoration on the next page.

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These ray stencils are great for Easter or any other holiday! Decorate a greeting card or make a holiday decoration with a simple scribble.

What You'll Need:

Drawing paper



Coloring tools such as crayons or colored pencils

Fold a piece of drawing paper in half. Draw half of a heart shape on the fold. Cut out the heart shape along the lines, then unfold the paper.

Below are a few designs you can make with the cutout heart shape and the cutout paper stencil.

With the heart shape: Hold the cutout carefully on a piece of paper, and draw rays outward across the edge.

With the stencil: Fill in the shape with horizontal or vertical lines, or draw small rays inward from the edge. You can make borders around a picture or overlap the hearts to make patterns.

Cut out more shapes for other holidays. Use the shapes and stencils to make special greeting cards.

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