Easter Activities

Easter activities for kids is a series of ideas for celebrating the Christian holiday that, for many people, includes traditions like the Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunts, and chocolate-filled Easter baskets.

In this article, you will find crafts, recipes and activities that will liven up your Easter celebrations!


Carrot Casserole

This delicious casserole will have everyone hopping to the table!

Easter Bunny Race

You'll have a blast finding out whose Easter Bunny is the fastest!

Eggs Grow on Trees?

Find out how to make your very own Easter tree.

Prickle Chick

This adorable chick will make the perfect centerpiece for your Easter table.

One-of-a-Kind Baskets

Make a unique basket for every member of your family!

Bunny-Nose Egg Race

Face-painting makes this egg race all the more fun!

Easter Lilies

Learn how to plant these lovely flowers in your own yard.

Jelly Bean Game

This Easter game is fun -- and delicious!

"Easter Peeps" Nail Decorations

Learn how to turn your fingernails into Easter masterpieces!

Four Seasons in Just One Night

Bring all four seasons together for a fun slumber party.

Holiday Mobile

Learn how to make these lovely decorations for your home!

Holiday Fanfold

Fanfolds can make Easter or any other holiday a little brighter!

Ray Stencils

These stencils make decorating for any holiday more interesting.

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