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Earth Day Crafts

Felt Weather Channel

Become a forecaster with a
Become a forecaster with a

Now you can play forecaster on Earth Day -- and every day -- with a felt weather channel that uses colorful weather symbols to show your predictions for the coming days.

What You'll Need:




Colored felt



Clear cellophane


Colored tape

Puffy fabric paint

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a weather person, here's your chance. Make your own weather channel, and treat the family to a morning and evening forecast.

Find or cut two same-sized pieces of cardboard. Glue a piece of dark felt onto one so it covers it completely. On the other piece of cardboard, draw a large square opening with a 1-inch border all around.

Cut out the opening so you have a frame. Cut a piece of clear cellophane to match the frame's size. Glue the cellophane to the wrong side of the frame. This is the TV screen.

Attach the screen to the background by taping a piece of colored tape along the length of the top borders to make a hinge. Be sure to tape it loosely so that the screen can be lifted easily enough for you to place your weather symbols inside.

Cut different weather symbols out of colored felt. Cut a sun, puffy white clouds, dark storm clouds, umbrellas, snow people, snowflakes, rain drops, and lightning bolts. Decorate them with puffy fabric paint.

You are ready to forecast. Use your best weather person announcer voice to let folks know that a storm is coming their way.

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