Earth Day Crafts

Insect Detectives

Insect Detectives troll the back yard to locate and document exotic insects. Try your hand at this unusual craft and learn more about the insect world in your back yard.

What You'll Need:

Sketch pad

Colored pencils

Magnifying glass

Whether you have a well-kept yard or a forest out back, you can be sure of one thing: There are creepy-crawly creatures living all around you. In fact, unless you live in the arctic, there is a spider not more than

three feet away from you right now!

But don't worry. It's not watching you with its eight spider eyes. It's looking for insects to eat.

Take your sketch pad and pencils and go find out who they are! Do you know their names?

Each bug you find has an important job to do. It's part of the ecosystem in which they, and you, live.

Can you figure out what it eats? What do you think would eat this insect? How do you think this insect is important to the ecosystem? After drawing them, take your pictures to the library and do a little research for fun.

The weather is about to change. Make sure your family knows before they head out for the day with a felt weather channel that predicts sunshine, rain and more with fun cut-out shapes and decoration.

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