Earth Day Crafts

Garbage Gobbler

Create a garbage gobbler to eat up the trash.
Create a garbage gobbler to eat up the trash.

Make an Earth Day Garbage Gobbler to help with trash pick-up around your neighborhood on Earth Day.

What You'll Need:

Large cardboard box




Extra cardboard


24 inches of thin rope

Work gloves

On Earth Day, people all over the world are celebrating the earth's wonderful natural resources. Think of what the planet would be like without green grass, clean oceans, or the lovely smell of fresh flowers.

When people neglect to throw their trash in garbage cans, they are destroying this natural beauty. That's where you and your Garbage Gobbler come in to save the day.

Have an adult help you cut or fold the flaps of a cardboard box so that the top is open. This is the Garbage Gobbler's big, empty belly.

Paint the box to look like a fantastic creature. Nobody has ever seen a Garbage Gobbler before, so you can make your creature look however you want.

An adult can help you cut a nose, tail, and ears from the extra cardboard. Attach these parts to the Gobbler with glue. When the paint is dry, ask an adult to cut a small hole in the front of the box to attach the rope for the Gobbler's leash.

Once you have your Garbage Gobbler ready, walk it around your neighborhood and start filling up it's empty belly with trash.

Wear work gloves when you pick up trash, and be very careful of broken glass. Also, don't forget to wash your hands after you a done feeding the Garbage Gobbler.

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