Earth Day Crafts

Nurture a bonsai tree.
Nurture a bonsai tree.

Celebrate Earth Day by digging into earth day crafts for kids. From projects that help the environment, to at-home activities that bring some nature indoors, Earth Day crafts help you better understand the nature of the world around you.

In this article, you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to create projects that bring meaning to Earth Day, but are appropriate for any day of the year.

Garbage Gobbler

Garbage finds its home in a box you create to look like a friendly monster looking for extra trash.

Animal Alphabet Game

How many animals inhabit our big planet? Play this game with your friends and see who can name the most in alphabetical order.

Insect Detectives

Get out your magnifying glass and find creepy crawlers. Draw a picture of your favorite bugs and go to the library to learn more about them.

Felt Weather Channel

Be your own weather forecaster with a felt weather channel you can create out of felt and shapes.


Bonsai is a type of tree you can plant and watch grow in your house. Prune its leaves to maintain healthy, but limited, growth indoors.

Caterpillar Pals

Caterpillars are some of nature's cutest creatures and now you can make one of your very own with materials from mom's closet.

Look forward to Earth Day with fun-filled Earth Day crafts that show you how important our planet is. Get started now with a garbage gobbler that will "eat up" all your trash.

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