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Our Favorite Planet Earth Day Activity
Our Favorite Planet Earth Day Activity

What better day than Earth Day to show our support of our favorite planet? Still, even though the Earth is where we live, you might not give it much thought. You could find out some surprising facts when you read about our amazing home.

What You'll Need:

One or more books about the Earth



Our planet is a pretty interesting place. Scientists think the Earth is about 4,600,000,000 years old. (That's more than four and a half billion years.) It's 93,000,000 miles from the sun. (That's 93 million miles.) And at the center of the Earth, the temperature is about 9,000 degrees. (That's very hot!)

Check out some books about the Earth from your library, and see what else you can learn about your home.

Write down the most interesting things you learned from the books you read. Then find 10 fun facts to share with your friends. After that, play the "Our Favorite Planet" quiz by making up questions about the things you've learned and shared. The person who can answer the most questions correctly is the winner!

Top off your Earth Day celebration with a parade around the neighborhood. For some interesting suggestions, keep reading.

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