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Construct a Tiny-Tree Forest for Earth Day

Tiny-Tree Forest Earth Day Activity
Tiny-Tree Forest Earth Day Activity

Celebrate Earth Day by creating your own Tiny-Tree Forest. No need to hire a construction crew -- these "trees" are actually tiny air plants that grow out of a button!

­What You'll Need:

Large button

Cool-temp glue gun

Baby food jar with lid

Tiny air plants

Dry moss

Tiny pebbles

Small ceramic animal

Eyedropper or mister

Get the biggest button you can find. Have an adult help you glue the button to the top of the lid of a baby food jar, using the cool-temp glue gun.

Ask your florist to help you select tiny air plants. Some possibilities are silver beads, toy cypress, Sedum Moranenci, Sedum dasyphyllum, cobweb houseleak, and Echeveria microcalyx. These tiny plants need no soil or sand -- they grow in the air! You can attach them to your button with a drop of cool-temp glue.

Collect tiny pebbles -- they'll look like huge boulders in Tiny-Tree Forest. Fill the spaces between your plants with the pebbles, bits of moss, and a tiny ceramic animal. Keep your forest somewhere safe.

­The plants will stay healthy if you give them a few drops of water from an eye dropper or mist sprayer every few days. Fill the jar up with fun buttons or interesting pebbles. Then put the jar lid on top for an extra-special look!

You can help to save real trees by making magazine page envelopes. Click into the next section to find out how.

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