Earth Day Activities

Animal Tracks Earth Day Activity

Animal Tracks Earth Day Activity
Animal Tracks Earth Day Activity

Make animal tracks across your letters and notes as part of your Earth Day celebration. These stamps are fun to make, and you'll be doing your part by reusing some materials that might otherwise be thrown away.

What You'll Need:



Block of wood

Double-sided tape

Foam tray (the kind that vegetables or meat is packaged on)


Markers or ink pad

Paper towels

Draw some animal tracks. You can either do some research about your favorite animal or make up your own tracks.

Cover a side of the wooden block completely with double-sided tape. You may need to use more than one piece of tape. Don't peel the paper off the front side of the tape yet.

Lay a piece of paper over the tracks you have drawn. Trace them with a black marker. This is your pattern. Lay your pattern on top of the foam tray. Trace over the tracks with a dull pencil, pressing hard enough to leave marks in the foam.

Cut out the tracks with sharp scissors. When all the tracks are cut out, peel the backing off the double sided tape on the block. Press the tracks onto the tape. Apply color to the stamp with a marker or an ink pad -- apply as evenly as possible. Press the stamp firmly onto a piece of paper.

Before you use a different color, clean your stamp by pressing it a few times on a damp paper towel, then on a dry paper towel.

You'll feel like a giant when you visit Tiny-Tree Forest. Find out on the next page how to create this wee world.

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