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Earth Day Activities

Grow Sunflowers for Earth Day

This Earth Day project gets you started with sprouting sunflowers -- a back-to-nature activity that's simple and fun. You've probably seen a great big yellow sunflower, but did you know that the little sunflower sprouts are very popular -- as food? They are sweet, crunchy, and good for you, too.

What You'll Need:

Raw sunflower seeds


Empty plastic containers




To make sunflower sprouts, fill your containers with soil, and place the raw seeds on top. Make sure that your seeds are raw -- if they have been salted or roasted they will not sprout.

Cover the seeds with a double layer of newspaper, and water the seeds through the paper. Put the containers in a sunny window, and check them every day to make sure the newspaper stays wet.

In a few days you will see tiny sprouts coming out of your seeds under the paper. After they have grown an inch, take away the newspaper, and let the sun shine on them. The sprouts will turn green and grow bigger.

Before the second set of leaves opens on each sprout, snip them with scissors. Rinse the sprouts off, and pat them dry. Now you can put your fresh sprouts into a salad or sandwich.

If you want to grow sunflowers, soak the unshelled seeds overnight. Plant them in a large container, and keep the soil moist. Your seeds will sprout in about 2 weeks. The plants grow very large and need to be transplanted to bigger and bigger containers or to an outside garden

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