Earth Day Activities

Earth Day Headbands

Good News Headbands Earth Day Activity
Good News Headbands Earth Day Activity

Walk around the neighborhood wearing your Earth Day headband -- your neighbors will see your Earth Day messages proudly displayed. And it's a great way to recycle old newspapers.

What You'll Need:

Old newspaper





Cut a strip of old newspaper long enough to wrap around your head, with a couple inches left over. When you have the length you want, cut 6 to 8 more strips the same length. Staple them together to make a thick strip. Then staple the ends together to make a headband that fits your head.

Think of a good Earth Day message to write in big letters around the band. "Save the Earth!" and "Clean up Your Earth Today!" are some sample messages you might write. Use your imagination to come up with your own slogan.

Decorate the headband with drawings of fruits, flowers, birds, fish, animals, trees, and butterflies. Your friends and neighbors will surely get the message!

You can also show your support of the environment by going organic -- that's helping plants to grow naturally. Start by sprouting some sunflowers. You can even eat the sprouts!

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