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Columbus Day Activities

Big Round World Box

Big Round World Box Columbus Day Activity
Big Round World Box Columbus Day Activity

Make this big round world box for the explorer in your life. This Columbus Day activity makes a great gift for anyone who wants to travel.

What You'll Need:

Large round balloon


Rubber band


Liquid starch

Large bowl

Map or globe





Craft knife

Small metal can

Construction paper

Glue or tape

Blow up a large, round balloon, and fasten the end with a rubber band.

Tear newspaper into strips that are 1 to 2 inches wide. Soak the strips in liquid starch for 10 minutes.

Paste the strips onto the balloon until the whole balloon is covered. Dry between layers. Add 3 more layers of newspaper strips. Each time you add a layer, change the direction of the strips to make your globe strong.

Let your globe dry for a couple of days. Release the rubber band, and the balloon inside will lose its air.

Copy the shapes of the different countries from a map or another globe onto your globe. Paint the countries different colors and label them. Label the oceans, too. (Try not to have any lettering near the center of the globe because you are going to make a cut there).

Draw a light chalk line all around the middle of the globe. Cut along this line to make the halves of your Big Round World Box (have an adult help you).

Paint the inside of your box a solid color. Glue colored construction paper around a can to make a stand.

Next, you can test any explorer's knowledge with the Discover It game. Learn more in the next section.

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