Cinco de Mayo Crafts

Paper Bag Maracas

Create paper bag maracas with your friends. Then put on some music and shake things up.

What You'll Need:


Small paper bags or bakery bags

Poster paints


Dried beans

Small pebbles or seeds

Craft glue

Cover your work surface with newspaper. Decorate the outside of 2 paper bags with poster paints. Paint stripes, zigzags, or a Caribbean design to match your other band instruments. After the paint has dried, put dried beans, small pebbles, or seeds in the bags.

Thin the craft glue with 2 teaspoons of water. Paint the outside of the bags with the diluted glue. While the glue is still wet, twist the top 4 inches of each bag into a handle. Coat the handles with another layer of glue. Let it dry overnight.

These maracas would make a fun party activity. For another classic party activity, make the Balloon Piñata on the next page.

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