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Magnets de Mayo

Magnets de Mayo Cinco de Mayo Crafts
Magnets de Mayo Cinco de Mayo Crafts

Make these colorful Magnets de Mayo flowers out of corn and beans in this fun Cinco de Mayo craft project!

What You'll Need:

Assorted dried corn and beans

White, green, or red felt

White, green, and red paint




Waxed paper

Sticky-backed magnetic strip

Green, white, and red are the colors of the Mexican flag, and you can combine them in lots of interesting ways when painting the corn and beans that make up these flower magnets. Use an assortment of dried beans to vary the shape of your flowers. Tiny lentils and corn kernels will make delicate posies, while larger fava beans can become the leaves of a gorgeous bloom.

Paint lots of dried beans and corn in the colors of Mexico and let dry. Then arrange 6 to 10 beans and kernels in a flower shape. Place the points of the corn kernels toward the center of the flower.

Cut a circle of felt a bit larger than your flower. Cover the circle with glue, and arrange your flower on it. Put the felt-flower on the waxed paper, and cover it completely with glue. If some of the glue runs over the edges of your flower, don't worry. You can break off the extra glue when it is dry.

When your flower is completely dry, peel it off the waxed-paper and press a piece of sticky magnetic strip on the back.

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