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Maraca Music

Maraca Music Cinco de Mayo Activity
Maraca Music Cinco de Mayo Activity

Music is the heart of any Cinco de Mayo celebration. Keep the beat colorful and lively with maraca music. Originally made out of gourds filled with dried beans or seeds, maracas are percussion instruments that are easy and fun to play.

What You'll Need:

Small screwdriver

2 clear stiff plastic cups

Colored tape

Colored pencil

Medium-sized colored beads


Have an adult help you use the screwdriver to poke a pencil-sized hole in the bottom of one of the plastic cups.

Wind colored tape around the colored pencil to make a candy-cane striped pattern. Then slide the pencil into the hole you just made. Wind more colored tape thickly around the pencil to hold it in place.

Fill the cup with an assortment of colored beads. Then place the other cup rim-to-rim with the first cup to make a closed container. Stick the cups together with colored tape. If you'd like, tie a ribbon around the pencil where it meets the cup's bottom to make a pretty streamer.

You'll have food, drinks, and music when you complete these Cinco de Mayo activities.

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