Cinco de Mayo Activities

Tasty Tortilla Roll-up Treats

A great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is with tasty tortilla roll-up treats. These tasty treats are easy-to-make and have the wonderful flavors of Mexico!

What You'll Need:

Flour tortillas

Cream cheese

Mild salsa




Table knife


Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on a flour tortilla. Spoon a little salsa over the cream cheese (if you don't like spicy foods, you can skip this step).

Then put some lettuce, sliced tomatoes (ask an adult to help you slice them), olives, and any other veggies you like on top. Roll the tortilla up, and eat it. Mucho gusto!

While you can enjoy these treats later in the day, wake up early on Cinco de Mayo and surprise the whole family with a special breakfast beverage. Keep reading to learn about a traditional drink that you can make.

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