Christmas Ornaments and Decoration Crafts

Punch-Out Angels
Brighten up your Christmas tree by crafting a punch-out angel.
Brighten up your Christmas tree by crafting a punch-out angel.

When you place your punch-out angel carefully over a Christmas tree light, the magical effect will knock you out.

What You'll Need:


Gold or silver craft foil

Blunt scissors

Foam sheet

Push pin


Draw an angel pattern like the one above on a piece of gold or silver craft foil. Cut the angel shape out. Place the foil angel over a foam sheet.

Use a push pin to punch out lines of swirls in the angel's skirt, feather lines in her wings, a border on her gown, and hair on her head.

Punch a hole in the foil for the hanger. String a piece of thread through the hole and knot the ends to make the hanger loop. Hang the foil angel on your tree near a light for a pretty, shimmery decoration.

Since craft foil comes in many different colors, you can combine the colors in a picture or make punch-out decorations for other holidays as well. Or instead of foil, punch decorations in greeting cards and paper sculptures, too.

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