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Sensational Spiral Ornament
This sensational spiral ornament will surely spread Christmas cheer!
This sensational spiral ornament will surely spread Christmas cheer!

You'll love trimming the Christmas tree with this sensational spiral ornament shaped like a snowman!

What You'll Need:

Tracing paper


5x5 inches white card-stock



Black fine-point felt pen

Orange felt pen

Construction paper: 4x4 inches black, 1x1 inch each green and red

Craft glue

1/8-inch hole punch

8-inch length cord

Make a spiral pattern. Tape the spiral pattern to the card-stock, and cut along the lines of the pattern. Remove the pattern.

Cut along the lines of the spiral pattern.

Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth on the head (the center of the spiral) using the black felt pen. Color the nose orange. Fold the head upward.

The face of the snowman is drawn in the center of the spiral and folded upwards.

Create patterns for the hat and arms.

Cut out the patterns for the arm and the hat. Trace around the arm pattern twice on the black paper and cut out. Fold the remaining piece of black paper in half, and place the top edge of the hat pattern along the fold. Trace around the pattern, and cut it out without cutting the fold.

Apply glue to the inside of the hat, and slip it over the snowman's head. Press the hat pieces together, sandwiching the top of the head between. Glue an arm to each side of the first spiral below the head.

After the snowman's hat is glued on, glue on the arms to each side of the spiral below the head.

From the green paper, cut out two holly leaves. Use the hole punch to make a red berry from the red paper. Glue the holly leaves and the berry to the hat.

Give the snowman's hat a festive touch with some holly!

Punch a hole in the top of the hat. Fold the cord in half and tie the ends of the cord together. Push the cord loop through the hole, and thread the tied ends of the cord through the loop of the cord. Hang your spiral friend on a Christmas tree or wherever you like!

Punch a hole in the hat and attach a cord to hang your snowman on the tree!

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