Christmas Ornaments and Decoration Crafts

International Christmas Ornaments

Crafting international Christmas ornaments is a fun project the whole family can enjoy doing together.

What You'll Need:

Tracing paper



Green poster board

Craft knife

Red plastic tape, 3/4 inch wide


Hole punch

Craft glue


8-1/2X11-inch sheet white paper

Red construction paper

Shiny red and white gift wrap

Download the pattern and trace and cut out the triangle shape. Trace the triangle onto the green poster board four times, repositioning it as shown. Cut out the shape along the outer lines only.

Score the three interior lines with the craft knife. Bend the poster board along the scored lines.

Cut three 6-1/2-inch pieces of plastic tape. Use the ruler and craft knife to cut the pieces in half lengthwise (making six 3/8-inch-wide strips).

Tape the two cut edges of the poster board together, taking care to center the tape along the edge. Trim the excess tape at the bottom and top edges of the cone. Tape the other three edges of the cone. Use the remaining strips to tape around the edge of the cone.

Punch a hole in opposite sides of the cone. Fold a 12-inch length of plastic tape lengthwise, sticky sides together, to make a hanging ribbon. Insert one end of the ribbon in each of the holes and tie an overhand knot on each end inside the cone.

Make a long squiggle of craft glue on one side of the cone. Sprinkle glitter on the glue, then gently knock off the excess glitter. Let dry completely.

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