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Christmas Wreath Wall Basket
Christmas Wreath Wall Basket
Christmas Wreath Wall Basket

Hang this Christmas wreath wall basket on the wall to hold cards, candy, or Christmas greens. Tiny hearts and sparkling gems resemble twinkling lights.

What You'll Need:

2 red paper or plastic plates, 6-3/4 inch each

Card stock, 4 1/2-inch square: green and yellow

12 red faux gems




Decorative-edge scissors

Tiny heart-shape paper punch

Craft glue


Circle paper punch

1. Place a piece of green card stock on top of a piece of yellow card stock; hold them together with a small piece of tape at each edge. Draw a 4-1/4-inch circle on the card stock and a 2-1/4-inch circle inside that one. Using decorative-edge scissors, cut out both layers of the ring.

2. Using a small heart punch, punch an array of hearts through the green card stock only. Glue the two rings together with the yellow behind the green, making sure the patterns created by the decorative-edge scissors align. Glue gems around the wreath. Let dry.

3. Center the wreath on the back of a plate, and trace around the outer wreath outline. Start cutting the plate in half; cut until you get to the outline you've traced. Cut along the upper half of the outline of the wreath, then finish by cutting straight across the plate at the halfway point.

4. Glue this plate to the other plate, front sides together. Let dry. Glue the wreath onto the front of the basket, centering it over the wreath outline.

Glue rim to bottom of basket. (Step 5)

5. Using the plate scraps discarded in step 3, cut away all but the rim of the unused plate half. Glue the rim to the bottom rim of the basket for extra decoration.

Glue the half-circle to the back of the basket. (Step 6)

6. ­Cut a 1-1/2-inch half-circle from the rest of the scrap, and punch a round hole near the top. Glue this piece to the back of the basket to use as a hanger.

Note: To make a larger basket, use nine-inch plates and draw a bigger wreath.

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