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Christmas Ornaments and Decoration Crafts

Angel Doll

Angel Doll
Angel Doll

This pretty angel doll can serve double duty: Not only is she a beautiful decoration, but you can even hide candy treats inside the skirt.

What You'll Need:

Small white paper bag


Chenille stems: 1 white, 1 white iridescent

2-1/2-inch foam ball

Craft foam scraps: black, pink

Doll hair

White card stock

Silver glitter glue

Decorative-border paper punch




White twist tie


Craft glue

  1. Make a lacy edge along the top of the bag with a decorative-border paper punch.
  2. Using a pencil, sketch a U shape on both sides of the bag, starting two inches from the top and ending three inches from the bottom. Cut along these lines to make arms.
  3. Cut the white chenille stem into three equal parts, and push all three pieces into the bottom of the foam ball. Holding the stems in the bag opening, gather the top of the bag together and secure with a white twist tie to create a neck. Use tape to secure the stems to the inside of the bag (reaching in through the arm holes). Fluff out the lace collar above the neck.
  4. Cut eye shapes from black craft foam and a mouth from pink craft foam. Glue the features onto the face, and glue doll hair to the top of the head. Let dry.
  5. Trace or draw wings on white card stock. Outline and decorate the wings with silver glitter glue. Once the glitter is dry, cut the wings out and glue them to the back of the bag.
  6. Bend the iridescent stem into the shape of a halo, and push the stem into the top of the foam ball.

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