Christmas Ornaments and Decoration Crafts

Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Decorate this Christmas tree with paper "ornaments," or glue on poms, beads, or stickers -- pretty much anything goes.

What You'll Need:

Green paper bag

Colored paper: green, red


Shiny gold paper


Craft glue


  1. With the bag flat on your work surface, trim the sides into the shape of a tree, starting the curve halfway up both sides and gradually bringing them to within one inch of each other in the center.
  2. Cut out green and red circles, and glue them to both sides of the bag.
  3. Stuff the bag loosely with a crumpled sheet of newspaper, and glue the sides and top closed.
  4. Sketch a star onto shiny gold paper; cut out. Trace around this star on the gold paper to make a second star, and cut out. Glue one star on each side of the top of the tree, lining them up back to back.
  5. This tree makes a great goody bag for a holiday party. Instead of gluing the stars together, punch a hole at the top of each, and tie them closed with a sparkly chenille stem or a piece of cording.

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