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Christmas Ornaments and Decoration Crafts

Milk Bottle Snowman

Create a milk bottle snowman for an

A milk bottle snowman is as cute as a button and makes the perfect Christmas craft for kids.

What You'll Need:

Plastic milk bottle, empty and dry


Blue fleece: one 6-inch square, one 1-1/2x12-inch piece


Low-temperature glue gun

Glue sticks

1-inch white pom

Brown chenille stem

3 buttons

Orange craft foam

Black permanent felt-tip marker

Remove the cap from the bottle. Glue the bottom edge of the 6-inch square of fleece around the edge of the bottle cap to create a hat; cut off any excess fleece. Glue the back of the hat closed. Bend down the top of the hat, glue it off to the side, and add the pom.

Fleece is glued around the milk bottle cap and a pom is added to the top of the snowman's hat.

Cut the chenille stem in half. Cut two inches off each half, and wrap each 2-inch length around each end of the chenille stem to make hands. Bend the arms, and glue to the sides of the bottle.

Smaller chenille stems are wrapped around larger ones to create the milk bottle snowman's arms and hands.

Cut fringes into the ends of the 1-1/2x12-inch piece of blue fleece to make the scarf. Wrap the scarf around the snowman's neck, and glue in place.

The milk bottle snowman's scarf is created by cutting fringes into the fleece.

Glue the three buttons down the center of the snowman body. Make a triangle nose out of orange foam; glue in place. Draw eyes and a mouth with permanent marker. Fill your snowman with treats, and replace the bottle cap.


Bottles that are not thoroughly cleaned can become sour, but dishwasher cycles can warp and melt plastic bottles. For best results, use a bottle brush to scrub bottles with soap and hot water.

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