Christmas Ornaments and Decoration Crafts

Christmas Pomander

Make a fragrant Christmas pomander, and fill the air with sweet-smelling spicy cheer.

What You'll Need:


Whole cloves


Pointed wooden toothpicks


Pomanders are made by gathering good-smelling herbs, spices, or other things into a cloth bag or small box, or by studding an apple or orange with spices.

Spicy pomanders can be hung in hallways or on Christmas trees, or they can be set on tables for Christmas decorations. (People also use pomanders in drawers or closets to add a good smell to clothing or linens.)

Make a scented holiday pomander by inserting whole cloves into an orange. Set the cloves out in a dish so they'll be easier to pick up. Use the toothpicks to make holes in the orange skin.

Insert the stick-end of the cloves into the holes. Push each clove in all the way so the clove top sits right on the orange skin. Add cloves until you're happy with the way it looks.

Wrap a colorful ribbon twice around the studded orange. Knot the ribbon on the top. Then make a loop with the ribbon ends so the pomander can be hung. (You can also use a lemon for the pomander.)

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