Christmas Ornaments and Decoration Crafts

Straw Star

Weave straws together for glittering straw star Christmas decorations.

What You'll Need:

2 plastic drinking straws


String or yarn

Craft glue


Who knew ordinary drinking straws could become glittering holiday stars? It's true -- they can be works of art.

Cut the straws in half; be sure the halves are even. Take a long piece of string or yarn in your hand, at least 18 inches long. Criss-cross four straw halves so they are in a star pattern, then wrap the string around the middle of the pieces, being careful to keep the string tight in the center.

Weave around the straws at the middle, pulling the straws slightly apart as you weave to keep the arms of the star separated. Once you've made the weave secure, knot the string, leaving a little dangling as a hanger.

Spread glue on the straw star, and sprinkle it with glitter. Now make enough stars to decorate your house for the holidays!

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