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Christmas Ornaments and Decoration Crafts

Willow Wreaths

Use weeping willow branches or pussy willows to make lovely Christmas willow wreaths.

What You'll Need:

Willow branches






Ask permission from the owner of the willow tree to cut some branches. When the leaves fall from the willow, have the owner help you cut about 15 of the long, slender branches, each twice as long as you want the wreath to measure around.

Bend one branch to make a circle of the right size. Wrap the long end of the branch around itself, spiraling around the circle. Add more branches, and continue the spiral.

As best you can, lay each new spiral alongside the old one. Keep going until you have used up all the branches you cut. Tie string around the wreath in four places to hold the branches in place. Set the wreath aside to dry for two weeks.

When dry, cut off the string and wrap the wreath in ribbon, spacing each turn of the ribbon a few inches apart. End with a large bow.

Decorate the wreath with natural decorations such as pine cones, acorns, or dried flowers; or use bright Christmas balls, wooden cutouts, tiny toys, or other ornaments suitable for the season.

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