Christmas Ornaments and Decoration Crafts

Pomander Balls

These traditional spicy-smelling pomander balls make great Christmas decorations or gifts.

What You'll Need:

Small oranges or apples

Marking pen

Nut pick or toothpick

Whole cloves

Ground spices



Select a small, firm apple or orange without bruises. Be sure it is a small one, no more than three inches across. (Larger pomanders take a very long time to make and may not dry well.) Use a marking pen to divide the surface up into sections.

Working one section at a time, use a nut pick or toothpick to poke a hole in the skin. Stick the stem of a whole clove into the hole. Do not poke a lot of holes in the skin and then insert the cloves.

Go one at a time so you can see how to fit the cloves together. Be patient. Fill one section at a time, allowing gaps between the cloves. The fruit will shrink as it dries, so the gaps will close up.

When the whole fruit is covered, pour ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, or allspice into a saucer and roll the pomander in it. Allow the pomander to dry in a warm place for two weeks.

Tie ribbons around it and hang up in the kitchen, or give as a holiday gift.

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